Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to how to Exercise Good!

  • 2

    Body Awareness and Breath Work

    • Breath Work

    • How-to lesson: Breath Activation

  • 3

    Mobility and Stretching

    • Mobility and Stretching: How, When and Why

    • How-to lesson: discovering and creating mobility

  • 4

    Stability and Core Work: Strong Abs, Hips and Shoulders

    • Stability and Core Strength: Why we need it, when to train it, and how to do it right

    • How-to lesson: Developing Hip, Shoulder and Core Strength

  • 5

    Tying it All Together: How to Exercise, Now.

    • Core movements, posture and how to incorporate breath, mobility, and stability training into your day to day life

    • HTEG Hinging

    • HTEG Squatting

    • HTEG Lunge

    • HTEG the Push

    • HTEG Pulling

    • HTEG Functional Core

  • 6

    Next steps

    • HTEG Wrap and Next Steps

    • Before you go...